Essel has consistently delivered high quality tubes to some of the biggest global players in the Beauty & Cosmetics industry. We deliver the highest quality packaging to help manufacturers meet the world’s demand for some of the most challenging products.

Essel offers a range of durable services and solutions for cosmetics and hair and skin care products. Our unique and inspired laminated and plastic tube solutions are designed to create ideal solutions in the Beauty & Cosmetics category. With a broad range of dispensing systems and various options that add glamour to products, our expert teams offer a range of services to facilitate product development from ideation to manufacturing.  Essel’s iShine™ Cosmetics Packaging Range has been developed specifically for the Beauty & Cosmetics category and strives to provide world-class, premium laminated tube solutions that provide glamour and style to cosmetic brands. Solutions in this category include High Definition, 3D, Rolux, Matt Gloss, Laser, Diamond and Aroma.