In our relationship with our customers, we are not just packaging solution providers but also partners in business. Our team has been specially set up to assist customers with their product launches. Our most recent launches Include:


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    Amway Attitude ClearActive

    Essel is proud to partner with Amway India for the launch of Attitude Clear Activ Pimple Control Spot Corrector. Packaged in a special tube structure for cosmetic application, the overall look is a mix of tube design, print quality, and graphics. This product is available in a pack of 9 g.

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    Beardo Activated Charcoal Face Wash

    Essel is delighted to serve as the partner for the launch of BEARDO’s Activated Charcoal – Acne, Oil & Pollution Control Face Wash. Packaged in an Essel tube with a special face wash structure, with a flip-top cap, and black as the tube’s theme colour – for an attractive look and feel. This product is currently available in a tube pack of 100ml.

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    PROCREME Daily Skin Regime

    We are Happy to Partner the Launch of Procreme which is a probiotic derived versatile formulation with peptides and growth factors which moisturizes, reduces pore size & wrinkles, fights hyper pigmentation and firms the skin. Packaged in a Special Cosmeceutical Laminate and complemented by the Black Colored Flip Top Cap, the Look of Product comes out Elegant and Chic. Procreme is currently available in a pack of 100gm.

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    Attitude Amway

    We are Happy to Partner Amway for their launch of Attitude Moisturizer for Oily Skin ,which is packaged in a Pump Tube. Essel’s Pump Tube is a high quality cosmetic application Pump ,which enables easy and measured dispensing of the liquid product. Developed through modern technology this product ,dispenser and graphics look superior in total. Currently this Moisturizer is available in a pack of 45ml.

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    BEARDO Ultraglow All in 1 Men’s Face Lotion – 100g

    Beardo is a men’s grooming brand having a diverse portfolio of products. This product is packaged in a special cosmetic structure with an easy to use flip top Cap , with black being the core color of the product. The combination of black and yellow colors are adding to the product sophistication .This product is currently available in a 100gm pack.

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    Gravitale’s Revitalizing Skin Gel

    We are happy to partner with Gravitale Revitalizing Skin Gel for its launch. Gravitale is an intermittent use exfoliant created with actual crushed grapes. The look of the product is designed to complement the naturalness of the product. Packaged in a special structure, a transparency element, enhances appearance. Gravitale is available in a 200 gram pack.

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    Essel and Faber-Castell are proud to present for the first time water colour in tubes. These water colour product designs are a combination of super fine printing on smaller diameters, making the product extremely easy to use and carry around by artists. This travel friendly pack, which is sure to surprise artists, especially kids, is available in a pack of 5ml and 9ml.

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    Bombay Shaving Company Shaving Cream

    Creates a rich, creamy lather that lubricates your face to maximize the experience of shaving. Packaged in a special shave care plastic tube, the look of the tube is a combination of white and Turkish-green colour. In addition, it is given a matt effect to provide a premium look.

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    SPRIG NAM PRIK PAO, is a classic thai chilli Paste. The look of the product is a combination of sophisticated printing technology and is designed to complement its usage. It is packaged in a special food grade plastic tube, has been given a Matt finish to enhance product feel.

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    Sprig Mole

    Sprig Mole is a Classic Mexican style spicy paste. It is packaged in a special food grade plastic tube, with a matt effect, making an all-round rolux tube. Essel is proud to have partnered in packaging this aggressive and unique food product.

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    This tube features a salmon treat and training paste for your favorite pooch. It utilizes a plastic barrier laminate that was custom constructed to maintain the stability and product freshness for this one of a dog treat in a squeeze tube. Bright and bold colors make this a shelf standout along with a printing technique that adds fading in.

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    Wasabi is a vital part of Japanese cuisine. SPRIG Wasabi paste by Intergrow foods & beverages Pvt. Ltd, adds a delightful bite to the dish. It is savored along with traditional Japanese sushi platter or with sushi rice. Essel’s special transparent tube enables a clear view of the clean product inside. To keep this product fresh it is packaged in a compatible special tube.

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    Elois Hair Removal Cream is a depilatory which caters to a wide array of skin types like normal, sensitive and dry. It is packaged in a special laminated tube with superior barrier properties which is used specifically for hair removal creams. The laminate type and the cap types are specifically designed to enhance overall product appeal. Currently this cream is available in three variants – Aloe Vera, Papaya and Rose Essence.

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    The Fruttini range, by Mann & Schröder

    The Fruttini range, a brand by Mann & Schröder, is a new customer launch in the Europe region, that we are proud of in the Beauty & Cosmetics category. Fruttini tube packs are manufactured using our Elite printing technology and are now available in more than 20 variants. The key benefits of these new tube packs is effortless dispensing and pack graphic quality.

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    YouthRx, by Lotus Herbals

    YouthRx is a new range of products from Lotus Herbals. This product is mainly for skin applications and hence resulting in a clear, smooth more youthful looking complexion. The Tube structure and the cap type give the product a differentiated look and feel and is developed on Essel’s patented Egnite Laminate and is currently available in a pack size of 100g.

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    Saky Kids® Children Toothpaste

    Saky is a local toothpaste brand in China that has enjoyed market success over the last year. Saky Kids® Children’s Toothpaste has specially been formulated as a high quality oral care solution for children, necessitating the need for Essel iShine® 3D Printing technology through which we have developed a 3D textured pack allowing for an exhilarating sensory touch experience for children when they hold the tube, encouraging them to brush their teeth.

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    Ginger Garlic Paste by ADF Foods Ltd

    For the first time in India, Essel is proud to have packaged the new Soul Ginger Garlic Paste, a product by ADF Foods, in the Food Category. This product is packed in a laminated tube developed on a special food grade laminate, with a multi-colour print and an easy to squeeze pack. Soul Ginger Garlic Paste is currently in the market in three variants: Garlic, Tamarind Pulp and Garlic Paste with Oil.

  • Thrive Natural

    Thrive Natural Care Face Wash & Energy Scrub

    The Thrive Natural Care Face Wash & Energy Scrub is a new customer launch that we are proud of in the Beauty & Cosmetics category, made of a potent blend of Costa Rican medicinal plants. The pack tubes are composed of a laminate structure that keeps the product fresh and invigorating for the consumer. It is decorated with an amber flood coat and a texture on Thrive’s brand feather, which adds a unique element to this package and makes it stand out in the shelf.

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    TruAge AGE Therapy Gel by Morinda

    The classy and elegant appearance of the new AGE Therapy Gel tube features simple and yet intriguing artwork that combines gloss and matte coatings to achieve a checkerboard look. The technique used creates unique appeal and provides tactility in the hands of consumers. The extrusion process and the materials used makes post-consumer recycling easy, while maintaining the product inside. It is a lightweight solution that allows for effortless dispensing of the product.

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    Go Wodka Extreme by Go Brasil Industries

    It’s flavored vodka in a tube! For the Go Wodka Extreme tube we achieved an eye-popping display that places youthful and vibrant colours on a background created with a metallic sheen. The silver finish is actually built into the laminate and manages to truly bring out the graphics and text to the fore. In order to hold the right measure of liquid, the tube had to be made longer than normal (204mm/8.3in).

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    TRESemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner

    The TRESemmé Keratin Smooth shampoo and conditioner tubes are made using Essel’s trademark Egnite laminate that consists of a multilayer, high-luster structure. The combination of the glossy finish and burgundy colour really makes the tube shine from the shelf. The metallized, reflective glaze is achieved using plastic based materials that provide excellent ‘bounce back’ characteristics, helping the tube retain its shape when squeezed and released.

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    Skin Supplement Original Formula Lotion by Morinda

    The Skin Supplement Lotion tube was re-launched to give the product a stylish, new appearance with rejuvenated appeal. Our expert graphic technicians worked with Morinda to turn this tube into a work of art. The final effect was achieved using a silkscreen printing process to capture intricate detailing, while giving the tube a high-end look with a textured feel.