Mystik™ is a breakthrough innovation that culminated out of Essel’s R&D efforts for years. With creative play of different new generation polymer layers combined with special alloys aluminum foil, Mystik™ provides complete protection to all the known hair colorant formulations as well as any other aggressive product formulations like Rx Pharma products including high atmospheric sensitive product like tomato ketchup throughout its designated shelf life. Mystik™ tubes have been created with unique shaped inner barrier multilayer membrane covering tube shoulder, neck and orifice. With yet another innovative closure with integrated wedge (patent applied) helps consumer to pierce the tube orifice membrane just before use. Post use, the piercing wedge can be concealed within the closure, to avoid contamination due to pre and post piercing action.

Essel’s patented multilayer laminated tube body keeps the squeezed area collapsed together and restricts air suck back. All the innovations put together allow Mystik™ tube to retain product consistency and e_cacy till entire product is consumed. Mystik™tubes have gone through ESSEL’s R&D stringent accelerated product stability tests and are now ready for customer validation and commercialization. Mystik™ Tubes can be decorated with innovative graphics incorporating touch and feel sensory. Product resistant Ink and varnishes allow decoration to last the tube shelf life.






Etain is a new, fully-recyclable packaging tube from Essel. It has been made using a percentage of recycled material with the aim of reducing the amount of virgin plastic in tube packaging. Etain tubes will be recycled under Code 2 norms defined by the Society of Plastic Industry. It contains up to 40% PCR HDPE plastic material. Etain tubes are typically used by FMCG companies for packaging various types of beauty and skin care, pharmaceutical and food products. It is made from recycled plastic material and is fully recyclable, enabling it to go back into the same process that it came from.

Etain PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) tubes were launched at the ‘Interpack’ exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany, held on April 24, 2008. It is highly customizable and the amount of PCR can be varied depending upon customer requirements and the nature of  the product that is contained within the package. Etain is the first of many products from Essel addressing sustainability. It makes an effort to ensure that the lifecycle of a product does not destroy its source or the environment.







Egnite is a high-luster laminate available in a variety of shades. Its metallic foil enhances its ability to block while also offering a striking level of product differentiation. With material that provides a protective barrier and resilient bounce-back properties, it helps the tube maintain shape and form while also creating a distinctive aesthetic effect with a surface so lustrous that it is reflective.

Egnite facilitates complex printing with novel colours and effects, changing the canvas for laminated tubes. Egnite provides laminates so unique that it will truly catch busy shoppers’ attention. It provides a creative way to add glamour and superior protection to products, bringing a new dynamic to high-end consumer segments, far surpassing what any other laminate can offer.

With the look of metal and the feel of plastic, Egnite is a unique packaging differentiation that grabs consumer attention. Its exceptional barrier (EVOH and MPET) is available in six high-luster shades and helps protect from counterfeiting. Egnite decoration options offer a distinctive brand image and vibrant shelf impact. Essel’s full range of high-luster printing capabilities including four-colour process, silk screen and hot stamping on a radiant Egnite canvas.





Green Maple Leaf is an eco-friendly laminated tube that maintains the freshness of products while keeping in line with our commitment towards the environment and society. This fully-recyclable packaging solution helps prevent oxidization of contents with a proprietary oxygen-barrier coated core layer and an all-polyethylene (PE) film multilayer laminate. It is especially suited for cosmetics, toiletries and food products. The recyclable, all-plastic laminate helps in reducing a product’s carbon footprint, making it the best eco-friendly choice to keep products fresh.

Green Maple Leaf supports and strengthens Essel’s Go-Green Initiative, ensuring that we are leading the way in making meaningful contributions for a greener, better, healthier planet. Additionally, the tube has the ability to retain its shape even after repeated use and product dispensation and is available in custom theme printing. Setting a new curve to packaging innovation, Green Maple Leaf is aimed at markets demanding sustainability by replacing EVOH tubes. It provides extraordinary product stability, shelf life properties, tube resilience and feel. Produced with fully recyclable thermoplastic polymers, Green Maple Leaf helps achieve the ultimate sustainability goal.