Essel Susutainability


We at Essel believe in delivering value to our customers and stakeholders through our high quality products and services. We are committed to our environmental, health, safety and social responsibilities, these being considerations which are at the core of our culture and business strategy. While experimenting with new ideas, we continually focus on research and innovation. The recent launch of ‘Etain’, a plastic packaging tube made out of recyclable material is a significant development in the industry aimed at reducing the amount of plastics in tube packaging.

Essel, with footprints across the globe, empowers its human capital with global opportunities and welfare programs. Employee development and empowerment are critical to our success and sustained global leadership. Our workforce represents different cultures, genders and geographies but what really binds them together is the zeal to outperform.

Building upon our credibility, our best practices embody the integrity of the Company. We have steadily pursued new opportunities to provide improved products to our valued customers transforming their everyday experience through our high quality, attractive and economical products.

Aligning our practices with our principles reaffirms our commitment towards ethical business practices. Our belief in ethics, values and integrity stand as the inseparable safeguard of our corporate governance. With a diverse group of stakeholders and partnerships worldwide, we successfully leverage our talent and capabilities to achieve our vision of transforming and promoting a healthier and more sustainable world around us.

Sustainable Laminated Tubes

We empower our human capital. We are responsive towards environment & safety. We honour worldwide partnerships.