Concept to Tube

Tubes are soft, squeezable containers used for containing thick liquids, pastes and creams. They are hermetically sealed and sterile as a result of exposure to high temperatures during the production process. The most important feature of a tube is its barrier properties, which keeps it contents safe from the atmosphere. Special coatings and laminates reinforce tubes to prevent materials from reacting with their contents. Laminated tubes are especially suitable for packaging highly perishable contents due to their 100% sterile manufacturing process. When compared to other formats, tubes are easy to use and convenient, making them the preferred packaging choice for products in the categories of Beauty & Cosmetics, Pharma & Health, Food, Home and Oral.

As a leader in the field of packaging, we offer the most extensive selection of laminated and plastic tubes in the world. We make use of the finest raw materials to manufacture superior quality tubes that optimize a product’s delivery, shelf life and visual impact. We take pride in our ability to continually innovate new types of packaging solutions and welcome new design challenges. Through our dedicated Creativity & Innovation and Product Development teams, we provide extraordinary solutions to our customers. This also includes providing suggestions to new customers who are not in the same product segment but can venture out to adjacent markets of products similar to pastes, creams, lotions, gels, ointments, pharma products, adhesives and lubricants. We complete our production cycle with the timely delivery of quality tubes, bringing a sense of speed to the market. The end result of our exhaustive research and comprehensive development processes is a product that stands out on the shelf, bringing out the first essence of truth in the hands of the consumer.



Lifecycle of Tube Manufacturing